Renovating in Italy is the stuff movies are made of.  Finding an old run-down house, sourcing local materials, uncovering ancient fresco's and bringing an old property back to life is on the wish list of many.  Our expert building and design team can make your dream a reality. All you need is imagination...

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Restoration in Italy:  The best way to get exactly what you want

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Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

It is critical that you have done the right checks before you put pen to paper and buy your dream home in Italy. 

Our building and design team will do a complete structural and document survey of your prospective property so you can have the confidence to know you are buying a sound investment. 

Whether you are doing simple improvements, or restructuring an ancient villa, our team of engineers, architects and designers are on your side saving your money, time and stress.

Renovations and Restorations

Maybe you just want to start from scratch and build your dream home to your exact specifications.  No worries! Our team has the experience and trust to give you a turnkey property taking care of the  planning permission to architectural design.

New Home Construction

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